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Monitor 23.8'' DELL U2421HE (IPS, DP, HDMI, USB-C ) 60Hz

ราคาหน้าร้าน 8,290.-

8,090.- ประหยัด 200.-

Monitor 23.8'' DELL U2421HE (IPS, DP, HDMI, USB-C ) 60Hz - A0131894

  • DELL U2421HE สัมผัสประสบการณ์ความคมชัดและรายละเอียดด้วยความละเอียด Full HD (1920x1080) บนหน้าจอ 23.8”
  • เทคโนโลยี IPS ช่วยรักษาความคมชัดของภาพจากทุกมุมของหน้าจอ และการครอบคลุมสี sRGB มากถึง 99%
  • สัมผัสประสบการณ์การเชื่อมต่อแบบใช้สายที่ยอดเยี่ยมกับเครือข่ายของคุณ ด้วยตัวเลือกการเชื่อมต่อที่กว้างขวางเช่น RJ45 และ USB-C
  • สามารถเชื่อมต่ออุปกรณ์ของคุณกับพอร์ต HDMI และ DisplayPort อีกทั้งยังมีพอร์ต USB ให้ใช้งานอีกด้วย
  • รองรับการติดตั้งกับขาแขวนติดผนัง
ประกัน 3:3:6
คำค้นหา : DELL , Monitor , จอคอม , LED , 23.8 , IPS , 1920 x 1080 , HDMI , DisplayPort , USB , 60Hz , U2421HE , 5397063966813

รายละเอียดสินค้า Monitor 23.8'' DELL U2421HE (IPS, DP, HDMI, USB-C ) 60Hz

Comprehensive connectivity, maximum productivity
Connect to productivity:
Experience outstanding wired connection to your network. With extensive connectivity options like RJ45 and USB-C, your monitor serves as a productivity hub that delivers stable Ethernet and power - all in a clutter-free setup.
Enhanced manageability: Managing your monitor is easy with MAC Address pass-through, PXE Boot, and Wake-on-LAN conveniently built in.
Power of USB-C: Charge your connected laptop with up to 65W of power using USB-C, a single cable solution that transmits power, data and video signals. And with the Always On Power Delivery feature, your laptop will keep charging, even when the monitor is turned off. USB-C also saves up to 72% of workspace setup time, reduces cable clutter and enables quick transitions from your desk.
Setup is a snap: Experience a convenient multi-monitor setup with Dell Express Daisy Chaining. It allows automatic detection of the second display, skipping the manual step of changing OSD settings.


Outstanding visuals
Essential screen performance:
Experience clarity and detail with Full HD (1920x1080) resolution on a 23.8” screen.
Color consistency comes standard: Your UltraSharp monitor is factory calibrated at 99% sRGB coverage to an accuracy of Delta-E less than 2, for precise hues right out of the box. Plus with 85% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, you will see images and video in an even wider range of colors.
Always the best view: See consistent, vibrant colors across a wide viewing angle enabled by In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology.


Innovative design
Free up valuable desk space:
Optimize your workspace with a stylish monitor featuring a thin panel profile, a compact base, and a cable management slot that can hide cable cutter from view. Plus the conveniently placed USB downstream ports (one featuring power charging) gives you easy access to what you need.
Expand your efficiency: The virtually borderless InfinityEdge design lets you enjoy a seamless view of your content across multiple monitors. And, with dual monitors, you can increase your productivity by up to 21%.
Adjust to your comfort: Pivot, tilt, swivel and adjust the height of your monitor for a comfortable setup all day long. Our improved design, with the hinge on the riser, makes it easier to adjust while keeping the riser in the same place.
Easy on the eyes: This TUV Certified monitor has a flicker-free screen with ComfortView, a feature that reduces harmful blue light emissions. It’s designed to optimize eye comfort even over an extended period of time.



Improved Dell Display Manager
Productive at every level:
Dell Display Manager’s (DDM) Easy Arrange feature lets you quickly tile and view your applications side by side across one or more connected screens for multitasking efficiency. And with the improved DDM, you’ll get even more preset layouts.
Seamless transitions: The auto-restore feature remembers where you left off, so applications will go back to where you left them, even after you’ve unplugged.
The key to convenience: Shortcut keys can save you even more time, letting you easily configure your display management settings so you can get to work faster.
More ways to manage: Asset management reports allow IT managers to quickly capture and track monitor information as well as configure multiple monitors at once through a single setup.


Connectivity Options
Ports & Slots:

1. AC power port | 2. HDMI port | 3. DP port (in) | 4. USB-C/DisplayPort | 5. DP port (out) | 6. USB downstream port | 7. Audio line-out port4 | 8. USB downstream port5 | 9. RJ-45 connector | 10. Stand lock | 11. USB downstream ports

อ้างอิงจาก : https://www.dell.com

คุณสมบัติ Monitor 23.8'' DELL U2421HE (IPS, DP, HDMI, USB-C ) 60Hz

Brand DELL


Screen Size


Panel Type


Pixel Pitch

0.2745 mm x 0.2745 mm

Maximum Resolution

1920 x 1080


250 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio


Viewing Angle

178° vertical / 178° horizontal

Response Time

8ms for NORMAL mode
5ms for FAST mode

Refresh Rate


Aspect Ratio


Display Colors



1 Port


2 Ports


USB Type-C (Alternate mode with DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.1 upstream port, Power Delivery PD up to 65 W) x 1 Ports
USB 3.0 Down stream x 2 Ports
USB 3.0 with BC1.2 charging capability at 2A (max) x 2 Ports

Special Features

RJ45 x 1 Port

Package Contents

DisplayPort Cable x 1
USB Type-C Cable x 1
AC Power Cord x 1

Dimension (W x D x H) : 53.85 x 16.50 x 34.84 cm
Net Weight 5.32 KG
Package Dimension (W x D x H) : 17.00 x 60.00 x 37.30 cm
Gross Weight 7.55 KG
Volume 38,046.00 cm3
1. ทางบริษัทฯ ขอสงวนสิทธิ์ในการรับผิดชอบใดๆ อันเนื่องจากข้อผิดพลาดทางการพิมพ์ (ผิด/ตก)
2. ทางบริษัทฯ ขอสงวนสิทธิ์ในการเปลี่ยนแปลงราคาและโปรโมชั่นโดยไม่แจ้งให้ทราบล่วงหน้า


Monitor 23.8'' DELL U2421HE (IPS, DP, HDMI, USB-C ) 60Hz - A0131894

ราคาหน้าร้าน 8,290.-

8,090.- ประหยัด 200.-
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